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SAVE (SAVE the Vaal Environment) has obtained a High Court Order with costs, against the Emfuleni Council to prevent pollution from raw sewerage in the Vaal River. The Court action was unopposed by the Emfuleni Council.

This is another of several Court Orders obtained by SAVE against the Emfuleni Council to stop pollution of the Vaal River from the Council’s three waste water works. These operations are now managed by Rand Water.

The Court Order compels the Emfuleni Council to “take all necessary steps and to do the necessary things to properly maintain its sewer system including pump stations and all sewer networks within the jurisdiction of the Respondent (Emfuleni Council) to ensure that no impermissible sewerage enters the Vaal River and its catchment area from the sewer system”.

The Court Order also interdicts and restrains the Emfuleni Council from allowing raw sewerage to flow into the Vaal River and its catchment area from an overflow pipe situated in Bophelong. This overflow pipe spewed raw sewerage into the Rietspruit via a storm water canal which feeds into the Rietspruit and flows into the Vaal River.  The problem was reported and it took 6 days for a response from the Emfuleni Council. 

Chairman of SAVE, Trevor Stubbs notes that the sewerage was flowing into the river for a much longer time as indicated by the excessive e-coli counts in the Rietspruit where it enters Loch Vaal.  These counts.

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