Press Release: R90 000 for SAVE



DATE:  25th November 2013

R90 000 for SAVE

Owners in the share block scheme, Luciana Country Estate on the Vaal River  raised a special levy to contribute funds to SAVE.  This resulted in a donation of R90 000 to help SAVE to fight pollution.

“Pollution levels in the Vaal River are at an all-time high” said SAVE Chairman, Trevor Stubbs. “We need to ensure that Government meets its responsibilities in terms of South Africa’s Constitution to ensure that our environment is protected. To do so, we need to have a war-chest of funds to fight the legal battle because it appears that High Court Orders are the only route through which we can get Government to sit up, take notice and deal with the causes of pollution in the Vaal River system”, he said.

SAVE has set itself a fund-raising target of R3 million to bring clean water into the Vaal River System.

The Vaal River has become a dumping ground for toxic effluent. This is evidenced in this week’s report on, a website hosted by Rand Water which revealed that at one sampling point in the Vaal Barrage Reservoir a staggering 92 000 e-coli counts per 100 ml was recorded.  This reduced to some 43 000 e-coli counts as a result of heavy rains. High risk of gastro-intestinal infections is recorded as 400 counts per 100 ml.

Prime causes of the unacceptable levels of pollution include raw sewerage which enters the river as a result of pipe bursts throughout the ageing sewerage network, from informal settlements where Government has not taken steps to deal with the disposal of sewerage and from poorly operated septic tank systems.   In some new developments, SAVE has been told that shady developers have not connected waste water into the Emfuleni system, resulting in further spills directly into the river.

Contact Details: 

SAVE the Vaal Environment



Phone:   Maureen Stewart 082-5705058

About SAVE (Save the Vaal Environment)

SAVE is a community based non-profit environmental watchdog that aims to protect and maintain the environmental integrity of the Vaal River and its environs for future generations.  SAVE’s mandate extends from the Vaal Dam and the Vaal River System to the Barrage and Parys.

SAVE aims to achieve its mission by raising public awareness about polluters in Government and industry and, where necessary to obtain High Court Interdicts against polluters of the Vaal River and its environs.

Achievement of SAVE’s aims is dependent upon its ability to maintain a war chest of funds for legal action.

Successes:  Formed in 1996, SAVE has notched up several successes:

Prevention of a Sasol project to strip mine in an ecologically sensitive area of the Vaal River

Numerous High Court interdicts against the Emfuleni Council to prevent pollution of the Vaal from sewage works  within the Council’s jurisdiction.