SAVE (SAVE THE VAAL ENVIRONMENT) is a non-profit organisation which aims to protect and maintain the environmental integrity of the Vaal River and its environs in the area between the Vaal Dam and Parys,   SAVE has earned an excellent track record in winning legal battles against polluters.  More…

SAVE has a renowned  reputation for vigilance against polluters and environmental threats to the Vaal River. SAVE raises awareness about environmental threats and the organization maintains a war chest of funds via fundraising efforts to fight court battles against all polluters of the Vaal River.

The Vaal Dam is the source of the Witwatersrand’s water supply. The Vaal River provides water to irrigate farmlands, it is a food source for poor communities that depend on fish in the river for their food. Many people draw water from the river for domestic purposes.

Both the Vaal Dam and the River are watersports playgrounds and the foundation of a vibrant tourism industry along the River’s banks. These activities contribute to job creation in the Vaal Triangle.